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Software developers that want to use agile and DevSecOps methods to enhance their software development lifecycle need to consider the cost and efforts associated with running container infrastructure, integrating lifecycle security tools, and automating deployments.  

OpenShift and Kubernetes have revolutionized how software applications can be deployed to any infrastructure.  Managing multiple environments, multi-tenancy, integrating CI/CD tools, and security are all challenges faced by software teams that want to focus on software development efforts.  

Fast, frictionless, and

Kubernetes/OpenShift infrastructure is complex and requires deep technical insight to ensure application availability, security, and performance. Our team is solely focused on making sure your infrastructure and security are 100% effective 24/7.


DevSecOps as a Service Features

We offer flexible infrastructure delivery, dedicated or shared tenancy, and industry leading tools to help your team create the most secure and resilient applications with minimal overhead.


Self-service app and resource creation on any infrastructure

Flexibility to define new apps, resources, routes, and storage with the simplicity of OpenShift WebUI

Application Templates

Start with app templates that will help accelerate software development and deployment efforts. We use community templates and have our own collection for our customers

On Demand

Lower your infrastructure overhead by using only what you need. Most platforms require deploying management and controller infrastructure as well as other resources. Scale your needs based on fixed, low-cost resources.

Monitor & Troubleshoot

Monitoring 24/7

All of our infrastructure is backed by top cloud service providers on managed services with defined SLAs. Flexible notification options like Slack, Email, and APIs.

Managed cluster and app health

Define application and health check options to suite your existing monitoring and alerting methods. Our APIs give your teams flexibility

Managed log aggregation & app troubleshooting

Logging for your apps can be done on our platform or through API calls for compliance purposes.


1-click cluster upgrades

Our managed Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters have seamless cluster upgrades that don't effect application availability.

Instant Security Patches

Our infrastructure is continually patched and is required to meet rigorous security standards. We are also behind extensive application firewall infrastructure that is updated and managed by our cloud providers.

RBAC Management

Single sign-on and control application, administrator, and developer access using our identity manager. Users can be authenticated through our WebUI or our APIs.


Identify Third-Party Component Vulnerabilities

80% of software developed contains third-party component libraries. Can you verify their origins? Verify your software supply chain and block out unknown components.

Security Policies & Compliance

Define security policies for an application or for an organization to ensure security is applied across all domains. Identify all network anomalies and stop attacks before they happen. Ensure compliance is met with pre-defined policies that include PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, and more.

Code Quality + Security Issues

Don't carry technical debt by introducing poorly architected and insecure source code. Set quality gates in your development pipeline to ensure high quality code is always produced. 20+ Language coverage with IDE integration including IntelliJ IDEA, VSCode, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and CLion.

Container Security Scanning + Firewall

Identify container image vulnerabilities during a build and in real-time when containers are running. Monitor East-West and North-South network traffic w/ DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and apply Layer 7 application firewall rules to mitigate vulnerabilities that are not yet fixed.

Redhat OpenShift

We are supporters of open source and work with partners that help enhance DevSecOps adoption into software development lifecycles. We offer flexible infrastructure options for various users and organizations but all backed by the same reliable tools and support.

  • Faster time to value
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Backed by 24×7 expert support
  • Lower cost of ownership

Global Resources & Compliance

AlphaCloud can run virtually anywhere in the world with the same services and availability.  Security and compliance standards vary by governments, industry, and users.  We focus on security and help software teams easily integrate security into their software lifecycle.  Build trust with your customers by including security and compliance into your software lifecycle.

  • Enhance Compliance Standard Integration
  • Manage Security Validation at Scale
  • Fully Integrate Security Into your Software Lifecycle
  • Lower Your Customers Risk & Build Trust

100% Upstream Kubernetes, that Works on Any Infrastructure

Get shared visibility and control across hybrid environments spanning bare metal, private, and public clouds.


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Flexible consumption options for public, private, and on-prem environments.