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Peace of mind during tax season by leveraging stat-of-the-art cloud technology with alphacloud!
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Alpha Cloud Platform

CPA firms shouldn’t worry about activities that don’t directly help their clients, managed their practice, or generate income. With alphacloud, CPA firms wont have to! alphacloud manages, maintains, and optimizes all of your IT resources for you! Most mid-sized CPA firms can’t afford to fully staff a robsut IT department. Alphacloud is here to take on the IT tasking as your virtual IT department. 

Fast, frictionless, and

With our CPA optimized cloud computing services, you no longer have to maintain outdated in-house IT systems or spend more time and resources than necessary. We have the IT expertise to take the pain out of managing your IT systems making IT management a thing of the past!

alphacloud CPA Built Service Features

With alphacloud for CPA, our services have been designed and tuned for the ideal CPA IT operating environment. These CPA optimized services allow you to handle heavy tax workloads with peace of mind!

CPA Cloud

Private Virtual Server

Access to private server(s) to handle your tax workloads

Access Anywhere

Private access to documents, applications, and data anywhere, at anytime

Use What You Need

Lower your infrastructure overhead by using only what you need. Scale on demand for peek tax season, then scale back down to help lower your IT operating costs.

Monitor & Security

Monitoring 24/7

All of our infrastructure is backed by top cloud service providers on managed services with defined SLAs.

Managed Security

Our cloud infrastructure uses state-of-the-art security hardware and software to protect your clients personally identifiably information (PII) giving you and your clients peace of mind knowing your data is safe


alphacloud ensures your tax data is readily available at all times. In the event of an emergency such as accidental deletions, alphacloud can quickly restore those files ensuring zero data loss

Maintenance & Support

Server Patching

Part of our peace of mind model is alleviating cumbersome tasking such as operating system patching. alphacloud keeps your core operating system such as Microsoft Windows up-to-date on the latest updates available.

Instant Security Patches

Our infrastructure is continually patched and is required to meet rigorous security standards. alphacloud uses extensive firewall infrastructure that is updated frequently

Support When Time Matters Most

Various support options are available to support your business needs. alphacloud even offers support scaling. Scale up up your support requirements during peek tax season and scale down during off peak season.

Global Resources & Compliance

alphaCloud can run virtually anywhere in the world with the same services and availability.  Security and compliance standards vary by governments, industry, and users.  We focus on security and help CPA firms protect their clients PII data.  Build trust with your customers by including security and compliance in your IT practice.

  • Enhanced Compliance Standards Integration
  • Anti-virus/Malware Prevention & Detection
  • Verified & Tested Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Lower Your Customers Risk & Build Trust

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